We are Debianised

Additions to Xen Upstream Source

In order to build upstream xen the Debian way, we have added the Debianised diff*xz tarball. This improves versioning, build-depends, patching, and all of compiling through packaging. There is also the manifest, *.dsc.

Targets in Closed Set

Our three main Makefile targets (in rules script) , build-arch, install-arch, and binary-arch, are in a closed set, with each member pointing to the other so that a complete build is possible.
fakeroot dh binary-arch --no-act dh_testdir -a dh_update_autotools_config -a debian/rules override_dh_auto_build dh_testroot -a dh_prep -a dh_installdirs -a debian/rules override_dh_auto_install debian/rules override_dh_install dh_installdocs -a dh_installchangelogs -a dh_installexamples -a dh_installman -a dh_installcatalogs -a dh_installcron -a dh_installdebconf -a dh_installemacsen -a dh_installifupdown -a dh_installinfo -a dh_installinit -a dh_installmenu -a dh_installmime -a dh_installmodules -a dh_installlogcheck -a dh_installlogrotate -a dh_installpam -a dh_installppp -a dh_installudev -a dh_installgsettings -a dh_bugfiles -a dh_ucf -a dh_lintian -a dh_gconf -a dh_icons -a dh_perl -a dh_usrlocal -a dh_link -a dh_installwm -a dh_installxfonts -a dh_strip_nondeterminism -a dh_compress -a dh_fixperms -a debian/rules override_dh_strip dh_makeshlibs -a debian/rules override_dh_shlibdeps dh_installdeb -a dh_gencontrol -a dh_md5sums -a dh_builddeb -a #(choose from: binary binary-arch binary-indep build build-arch build-indep clean install install-arch install-indep)

Fine Tune Packaging

If there is an error or imperfection in the build final stages, like install-arch or binary-arch, we execute:
dh_prep;rm debian/*.log
and then redo
fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch
after making the needed changes in package.install or under the install-arch target of rules.