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[IMG]lua-doc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-2.x86_64.rpm29-Jan-2016 14:32 22K 
[IMG]luadoc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-3.x86_64.rpm29-Jan-2016 14:41 96K 
[IMG]luarocks-2.2.2-1.el7.noarch.rpm28-Jan-2016 20:44 107K 
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Lua RPM not included in C7 Repos

The lua*doc RPM packages were made with alien in jesdev VM:

fakeroot alien --to-rpm --generate lua-doc_3.0.1+gitdb9e868-1_all.deb 
man alien
fakeroot alien --to-rpm --generate luadoc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-2.noarch.rpm 

Must Edit Spec

the spec files needed an edit to remove empty dir names which collide with the OS filesystem package.

Setup BR

after creating the BR mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/lua-doc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-2.x86_64/ cp -a usr/ ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/lua-doc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-2.x86_64/ mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/luadoc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-3.x86_64/ cp -a usr/ ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/luadoc-3.0.1+gitdb9e868-3.x86_64/


rpmbuild -bb lua-doc_3.0.1+gitdb9e868-2.spec