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How to link EFI when building Xen from source (7.3.1611)

This build started with an SRPM from The issue of using another linker for EFI is discussed in this ML post. The Fedora/RH method of linking EFI within a Xen build is not ideal, since its error prone. Configuration and install of an extra linker only for this purpose adds many avoidable extra steps. Its cleaner to expand the emulation support of the native GNU linker. Thats what we do here with this build.
[mockbuild@c7gui ~]$ rpm -qi --changelog binutils | head -n55
Name : binutils Version : 2.25.1 Release : 32.base.el7 Architecture: x86_64 Install Date: Wed 14 Dec 2016 10:51:34 AM PST Group : Development/Tools Size : 20776722 License : GPLv3+ Signature : (none) Source RPM : binutils-2.25.1-32.base.el7.src.rpm Build Date : Wed 14 Dec 2016 10:48:48 AM PST Build Host : c7gui Relocations : (not relocatable) Packager : "Mark Pryor " URL : Summary : A GNU collection of binary utilities Description : Binutils is a collection of binary utilities, including ar (for creating, modifying and extracting from archives), as (a family of GNU assemblers), gprof (for displaying call graph profile data), ld (the GNU linker), nm (for listing symbols from object files), objcopy (for copying and translating object files), objdump (for displaying information from object files), ranlib (for generating an index for the contents of an archive), readelf (for displaying detailed information about binary files), size (for listing the section sizes of an object or archive file), strings (for listing printable strings from files), strip (for discarding symbols), and addr2line (for converting addresses to file and line). * Wed Dec 14 2016 Mark Pryor 2.25.1-32-base - backport of i386pep emulation patch (#1376870) * Mon Aug 08 2016 Nick Clifton 2.25.1-22-base - Fix date format bug in changelog which was preventing package build.
sudo ld -V
GNU ld version 2.25.1-32.base.el7 Supported emulations: elf_x86_64 elf32_x86_64 elf_i386 i386linux elf_l1om elf_k1om i386pep == needed to compile Xen's EFI blob == i386pe