TLViewer Lightweight Object Browser (VB6)
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  • Search for your Objects by ProgID or TypeLib Help String.
  • home of progid4: custom URL protocol for ProgID
  • Single Dependence - Get Tlbinf32.dll hereTlbinf32.dll Use Version 1.10.8169 (VB6-1998) or higher.
  • Win2k/Office 2k check your version of Tlbinf32.dll.
  • Win95 users may need the VB6 runtimes.
  • Get TLViewer here - 388kB Download (388 kB)Winzip Archive for Win95/98/Me/2k/XP
  • No Winzip? Get the Self-extractor.
  • Get the WSH ScriptDoc self-installer scrdoc56en.exe (no validation necessary).
  • Get the icon resources used here as a bitmap strip.

  • TLViewer now filters troublesome RegKeys, with details written to logfile.
  • Anywhere OLEViewer crashes, TLViewer does the same.
  • Bug : regsvr32 wshext.dll. Sometimes the installer missed this .
    Watch out for &h800B0003 errors with [Scripting.Signer].
  • WinNT 5+ - See ControlPanel\Display\Effects & uncheck "hide navigation keys" option.

  • Released on May 30, 2004. Built with VB6(sp3) on Win2k(sp4)
  • Link where you can request support
  • you only need the binary from this release if you have an existing install
  • bug fix - bad crash when resizing down to minimum
  • added configurable "Group Docs by TypeKind" switch to LibDocs menu
  • new - HelpPath key to set your extended help path
  • new - LibDocs menu for bulk documentation
  • bug fix - crashes in WinXP help lookups
  • fix - now showing array bounds for Byte array members of TypeDefs
  • fix - faster load when starting from a URL
  • new - TLViewer.CHM
  • added a menu switch to over-ride ContextID and force keyword lookups.
  • Added automatic CHM Keyword Lookups. Try it on xmlsdk30.chm with msxml3.dll.
  • Enabled WinXP themes, fixed some focus problems, enabled context menu key #93
  • Generalized the progid4: for any TypeInfo object.
  • F1 help for Script Libs is tightly integrated with script56.chm.
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