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Enchilada Recipe

	Chicken Enchiladas, Mild Picante
	Serves 6 from 12 shells
	$20 worth of ingredients, see Cost Spreadsheet
	serve with sour cream

	2 qt. mixing bowl to build filling
	2 small casserole dishes for 6 shells each
	1 qt boiler to heat sauce

	strip off about 2 cups of the roasted chicken
	add half of the canned diced stewed tomatoes, save some of the 
		liquid for topping at end
	add half of the black beans
	add 1/2 cup of prepared Kraft Brand Mexican 4-cheese (see pics)
	spoon 4-5 TBS of sauce
	salt and pepper
	cut red onion in half, dice, add most to filling
	olives - add about 2/3 of the can, save some for topping
	green onions - dice 3 stalks, add 2 for filling, one for topping
	mix and turn all above

	lightly oil the 2 casserole dishes with OO
	with a shell flat in your hand, spoon 1 or 2 TBS of warm 
		sauce and spread it even

	set the dressed shell down in the dish, add filling, then roll
		eye ball how the filling will divide for 12 shells

	pre-heat to 375F
	When rolled shells are lined up in the dish, top with 
		spooned sauce, remaining olives, green onions, tomato 
		sauce from can, & finally more cheese
	cover casserole with aluminum foil, puncture foil
	cook for 35 minutes then pull back foil and spoon 
		in sauce as needed in dry spots
	cook for another 12 minutes
	remove from oven and add more cheese as needed
	tastes better when cooled off till warm


Kitchen Shots

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