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Phoronix Test Suite

Checkout this test suite which is now used to compare C5 with Fedora and Ubuntu:

GnuPG Test C5 Depends

This test will grab version 2+ from the GnuPG site and build it. C5.4 comes with version 1.5 or less and doesn't have the supporting libraries needed for the successful build of v. 2+. Here are the yum calls to grab/install the supporting files: $sudo yum install libksba.x86_64 libksba-devel $sudo yum install pth-devel.x86_64 pth.x86_64 libassuan-devel.x86_64 --enablerepo=epel Voila, the xml results of the GnuPG test.

Running the pts GUI

You will need the php-gtk module for PHP. D/L the source for php-gtk. You will want to build that against php 5.2+, not 5.1 which comes as default. To update your PHP, use the c5-testing repo Now, $sudo yum install php --enablerepo=c5-testing For the x86_64 bit module I have a tarred version available as php_gtk2.tar.gz. Copy the SO module to /usr/lib64/php/modules Then edit your php.ini (/etc/) and add to the relevant section:

Screenshot of PTS GUI